El Calafate to Perito Moreno glacier

I set off at 7.30 and by 8.30 I reached the entrance to the national park where I paid my fee and was given instructions.


Driving out of the El Calafate oasis I soon hit the barren wilderness again with hardly a soul to be seen. Then gradually the terrain changed. Shrubs appeared and then trees as I neared the mountain range. By the time I had reached the  national park I was in semi forest which survives because of the convectional rainfall from the mountains.

Another thirty minutes and I spot the glacier, miles away, but visible due to its sheer size. Monumental!! Compare the glacier in the distance to the boats in the foreground.


I am used to European glaciers that fade to nothing at their end point but this is totally  different …a great wall of blue tinged ice rising to over 70 metres.

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