Aeroclub Ushuaia

I have definitely felt better than when I woke up on Saturday morning but the sun was shining so it was possible that I could take a flight down the Beagle Channel. I called the Aeroclub and they were able to fit me in at 9.15.

I quickly packed, checked out of the hostel and drove to the old airport, where the club is based. I was to fly in a 1974 !! Piper Cherokee with a pilot younger than the plane. Would you believe they can get four into this tin can.


It had also just started to rain with heavy cloud moving in quickly. The pilot, Federico, gave me the headphones to enable us to converse, and went through his pre-take-off checks. I made a mental check myself that my stomach was also OK for take off. Were away.

The rain dampened the experience a little but it was great to get a clearer understanding of the mountains on both the Chilean and Argentine sides of the Beagle Channel. We also passed over Ushuaia city and down the Beagle Channel as far as the famous lighthouse.

See the landing in the rain HERE.

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