Cemeterios Punta Arenas

After dropping off my laundry I took a walk several blocks away and found the cemetery. An odd tourist attraction you may think but, in its way, more attractive than Punta Arenas itself.


Its manicured cypress tree avenues a contrast to the white and grey stone of the tombs, monuments and mausoleums. A considerable number of Scots, English and Croat are buried here as they form much of the early immigration.

The cemetery land was donated by wealthy sheep farming scion, Sara Braun, and when she died she stipulated that after she entered the door of the cemetery it should be locked and never again opened. Entrance is now through a side door!

Amongst the monuments is one to the memory of all those lost on HMS Doterel a Royal                                         Navy sloop that blew up, due to a coal dust explosion, whilst at anchor off of Punta Arenas. Another commemorates those British living in the Magallanes region who died in the two world wars.


Finally, Sir Walter Baldwin Spencer, the anthropologist, is buried here. The guide translation says his death “surprised him”. Really !!

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