Farewell Punta Arenas

It was good to have a more relaxed three days in one place as I move towards the halfway point of my trip.

imageYesterday evening I walked around the town and saw a few more of the old mansions one of which, Sara Braun’s home, is now a hotel and the Union Club. In its basement is a bar called La Taberna where I took a pre dinner margarita in solitude.

On the way to the restaurant La Marmita, which I had enjoyed on my first night, I passed the British School founded in 1904 and the Anglican church next door. Delightful little buildings and a reminder again of the links with Chile whose people today are so friendly and helpful.


This morning I am at Punta Arenas airport waiting to fly to Puerto Montt and as I was checking in I saw another group on their way to Antarctica. I still forget how far south I am and that Punta Arenas remains a staging post for explorers, geographers and now tourists.

I am looking forward to some warmer and less windy weather in the Chilean and Argentine lake district.

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