Buenos Aires nightlife

In 2014 I was impressed by both the cafe life and the bars and restaurants at night. The biggest problem for us old uns is that you can pass a great looking bar at 10.30pm which is empty but at midnight when  I am tucked up it is probably just getting going.

Nothing has changed other than some of the bars have closed and a load of new ones have opened. I have been back to Antares and I see that Il Matterello, a great Italian restaurant that had just opened when last here, was still going.

imageI opted for a light supper on a first floor open terrace at Alair, which I don’t recall seeing before. Then I started my walk back remembering that I had read about a new train themed bar called J W Bradley Ltd. I googled the location and saw that it was en route to my base. It is not somewhere you would enter without knowing the address, a so called speakeasy, and all the trend. This one has an unusual entrance. First pass the security guy and enter through a single windowless door. After waiting in a dark nondescript lobby for a while a door opens above some steps and I am greeted by what looks like a train guard. I climb the stairs and enter a well recreated old railway carriage with wooden slat seats.


I am given a short intro in English but the train “sets off” accompanied by a Spanish sound track about J W Bradley. The trip is illusionary as a video plays outside of the carriage windows. The guard then opens the forward door and I am in a cavern of a restaurant cum cocktail bar with a high decibel, level from the diners and the music. Again this was 10.30 so it was quiet but see the promo video from when it launched eight months ago HERE.

There are expert mixologists in attendance and I order a Smoking Chimney from the menu plus a coffee. My drink turned out to be the best whiskey based cocktail I have had. One shot of Johnny Walker Black, half a shot of Drambuie, some lemon syrup and essence of lapsong tea all in a glass smoked with burning camomile. It was another train to nowhere but great.

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