Kosher McDonalds

Unbelievably, Buenos Aires has the only kosher McDonalds outside of Israel. Originally, I thought this was rather ironic given the shelter that Peron gave to the Nazis. However, nothing is straightforward when it comes to the history of the Jews in Argentina. In fact Peron’s government allowed more Jews into Argentina than any other South Anerican country.


I wanted to see for myself and sure enough in the vast Abasto shopping mall I found it, and decided to try a kosher burger and chips for brunch.

There was no queue although the non kosher McDonalds across the mall was busy. I ordered but the assistant who didn’t speak any English was obviously trying to tell me it was kosher and I needed to go to the other outlet.image

I persisted and finally got my order. i would say that a normal burger would be a bit juicier and tastier but overall the burger meal was fine. Set up for the day I went looking for a cab to take me to San Telmo.

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