Dinner at La Cabrera

La Cabrera is a renowned steak restaurant on Palermo, the haunt of locals and tourists alike. Personally I think it is overrated and there is the possibility of tourists being taken advantage. Anyway that is neither here nor there that is where we are destined.

I say we, because at the Internations lunch on Saturday I met Martine from Paris. We seemed to have a lot in common, both arriving on Friday, me from Patagonia and Martine en route to Patagonia. We were both over 65’s travelling alone for a month and whilst travelling alone is not an issue we both agreed that dining alone in the evening was difficult. So we agreed to meet for dinner and top of Martine’s list of to do’s was La Cabrera. Who am I to argue with a lady.

The advantage, of course, was that we could order the 600 gm ribeye and share it. OK so I am medium rare and the Parisian is rare so we had rare!  We settled on a bottle of Malbec, de rigeur, a green salad and papas fritas washed down with some agua con gas.

It was not a memorable meal but the company was great although I didn’t seem to say much. imageEven the waiter told her to slow down!! Martine has travelled a lot, lived in several countries and until she retired a year ago had been a tour guide for seven years. So plenty to talk about.

J W Bradley was closed on Sunday so I couldn’t return there but the Verne Club (apres Jules Verne, so tres apt) was open so we adjourned there for a caipirinha. Here we discovered that we had both wanted to walk on the glacier but age was a problem. Martine had other ideas. Formeedabluh!

This is a lady who had been to four Internations events in two days. The Saturday lunch, followed by winetasting in the evening, the brunch the following day and a tour of the Teatro Colon in the afternoon. I think she may have slowed down a bit in a couple of weeks time.

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