Quad-biking in the Sacred Valley

I was hardly going to go trekking at altitude, after only being here for a day, but I did want to venture into the Sacred Valley and see some of the key sights.

Rather than take a whole day bus tour I opted for quad-biking in the area. I have previous with quad bikes both ending with minor injuries so I was going to try to take it easy. I was picked up for the 1.25 hour, hairy, drive out of Cusco, without a seatbelt, and joined by two Aussie students. This was good news as it meant we had the guide just for the three of us.

DCIM100GOPROKitted up and having had an explanation about the working of the quad we were off, led by the guide on a motorbike. The bike came in handy later.

The two lads went off keeping up with the leader but I was more timid. Like at skiing, the fast ones wait for the slow to catch up at junctions and then set off again.This was not just tracking along roads but a lot of the time on rutted paths and across open Andean fields.DCIM100GOPRO

The weather was good to us and the sites we visited and the scenery was spectacular.

My quad bike experience, however, didn’t go without a hitch. I got perched on a bank and and nearly tipped it over on top of me. The next problem was that the gung ho’s were so far in front that I didn’t see them turn off. This is where the motor bike came in handy as after several minutes the leader came tearing up from behind and told me to turn around. Finally, I hit a rut on one of the paths and shot off the trail, luckily at a place without a drop. However the bank was steep and I couldn’t get back on track so had to wait for motor bike man to return to look for me. Any way it was all OK in the end and a marvellous experience.

Unfortunately as I near the end if my trip I have run out of memory on the ipad so the videos I have will be posted on my return.

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