It is now Tuesday morning and I still dont feel 100% . I cant really describe the problem other than a general malaise, slight headache, breathlessness and an overall feeling that everything is too much effort. Add to that the sun at altitude has also affected my gut and we are not in a good place for the hours drive to the airport at Juliaca.

The taxi driver is good but it is a long straight busy road and there are some whiteknuckle overtaking manoeuvres along the way. Then we come across one that didnt make it. The car had gone off the road and rolled. Looked like no casualties though. A few minutes later and an SUV in front of us had pulled up and a female passenger was vomiting beside the road. I am feeeling so good!!

Juliaco is a town the train passed through as is rough. The taxi has to travel through the centre of town to get to the airport and its a case of doors locked and hang on to your bags.

image.jpegJuliaca airport is another of the superlatives I have encountered on the trip. It is the world seventh highest airporst at 3826 mtrs above sea level. Because the air is much thinner at this level the runway needs to be extra long. Knowing this at the beginning of my journey I timed the take off point at sea level. From the start to take off this took 28 seconds. Here it took a worrying 41 seconds!!!

I slept most of the way to Lima where on arrival I couldn’t immediately feel the sea level benefit probably because I had moved from a pleasant 18 c to a stifling 30 c.

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