Since 2010 I have made a number of trips as a solo traveller in my sixties. Now I am planning my next journey which will take me to Argentina, Chile and Peru in January 2017.

When I last visited Argentina it was to complete the research for my book, Seeking John Campbell. At that time my itinerary was dictated by the places I needed to visit and, apart from some R&R in Buenos Aires, not by my own interests.

Since that trip in 2014, life has taken some twists and turns. A dear friend died suddenly after an illness of a few months and a family member was ill for almost a year. This was tempered by becoming a grandfather for the second and third time. These events focussed my mind on the here and now and as life has headed into calmer waters and my body is still capable I have planned another post-retirement trip (see my other trips).

This excursion will literally take me to the highs and lows of South America, from the highest navigable lake in the world to the southernmost city in the world.  I will travel by train, boat, plane, bus, taxi and possibly other forms of transport, as yet unforeseen.

This is a journey for me to indulge my own interests and this blog will enable you to follow me along the way.