Train to nowhere

In the centre of Barranco stands a very old train carriage, made in the UK in the late 19th century and instated on the Peruvian railway in 1909.


I couldn’t resist wandering inside to what is now a cafe, and later at night a bar, the Cultural Expreso Virgen de Guadalupe. A veggie buffet awaited, washed down with a couple a Crystal beers. Built almost entirely of wood it was like a Swiss shed on wheels.


I also managed too see the sea but I can’t share that with you as the mist was in, big time. Maybe when I return at the end of the month.

Pisco sour virgin

Everything I have read about pisco sours told me NO! Egg white is for making meringues not adding to a cocktail. Same goes for a prairie oyster…WHY?

Anyway for an early, light and safe supper…you know by now that I like to eat regularly…I decided to try the highly recommended Swiss cafe, La Tiendacita Blanca which is only a block away from my guest house.

The lightest thing I could find on the menu was the smoked salmon on toast with lime, capers and onion. Delicious. Given my recent fight with a bacon sandwich, I passed on what was described as “three little pigs” ( English ham, Serrano ham, smoked tenderloin, Edam cheese, organic lettuce [that will help], and mayonnaise).

imageAnyway one of the menu options cane with a pisco sour and as I have always argued that you must at least try, I felt my arm being twisted behind my back. Oh, go on then make that a pisco sour. So, I am a PS virgin no more.

Interestingly, I quite liked it. Possibly, because the hit of alcohol and lime juice would mask an egg yolk let alone the white. It is not dissimilar from a strong margarita or even a caipirinha..two of my favourites… so I may continue with Peru’s national drink. Two or three at altitude should be fun!!

Location, Location, Location

As I reached the coastal district of Barranco after a 45 minute walk from Miraflores I chanced upon what Kirsty and Phil would call a doer upper.

The key to these types of properties is the location and then I noticed that the Spanish Embassy was on the next plot. Even better, the Relais et Chateau’s Arts Boutique Hotel B could be found further down the street.

imageAround the corner I did come across a potential issue, Damn big bugs in the area!



On the road again

Back in the swing of it at last. The 12.5 hour flight was uneventful apart from the occasional child running up the aisle, a couple of babies crying, oh, and the lady in front of me vomiting for five hours. Usual traffic chaos from airport.

Finally arrived at guest house at 20.30 ( 1.30 am UK). Lovely building, perfect location, pity they imagedidn’t allocate some of the empty space in entrance hall to my studio room which was not big enough to swing a cat. A guinea pig maybe, before they ate it.

Anyway not to waste time a quick shower and out to get a drink! Looked around for a likely spot when suddenly I had an attack of the munchies. I was in no mood for being adventurous so when I saw the ubiquitous McDonalds M, there was no hesitation. A Big Mac y papas later and I was ready for that drink.

I lucked out again as I walked into the most crowded bar with people on waiting list for a table. As I only wanted a thirst quencher and was willing to stand …no problem. imageWhat a place. BarBarian, an artisan beer emporium with 25 craft beers on tap from 6% to over 8%. None of our 3.5% session rubbish here!!

It was reminiscent of Antares in Palermo, Buenos Aires which I hope to revisit next week.