On the road again

Back in the swing of it at last. The 12.5 hour flight was uneventful apart from the occasional child running up the aisle, a couple of babies crying, oh, and the lady in front of me vomiting for five hours. Usual traffic chaos from airport.

Finally arrived at guest house at 20.30 ( 1.30 am UK). Lovely building, perfect location, pity they imagedidn’t allocate some of the empty space in entrance hall to my studio room which was not big enough to swing a cat. A guinea pig maybe, before they ate it.

Anyway not to waste time a quick shower and out to get a drink! Looked around for a likely spot when suddenly I had an attack of the munchies. I was in no mood for being adventurous so when I saw the ubiquitous McDonalds M, there was no hesitation. A Big Mac y papas later and I was ready for that drink.

I lucked out again as I walked into the most crowded bar with people on waiting list for a table. As I only wanted a thirst quencher and was willing to stand …no problem. imageWhat a place. BarBarian, an artisan beer emporium with 25 craft beers on tap from 6% to over 8%. None of our 3.5% session rubbish here!!

It was reminiscent of Antares in Palermo, Buenos Aires which I hope to revisit next week.