Monocles: pretentious, hip, or logical solution


For over twenty-five years I have worn reading glasses and for the last ten I have permanently worn varifocals. I had never contemplated laser eye surgery, believing it not to be possible due to age and the fact that I am now both short- and long-sighted. That was until four months ago when I read an article about blended vision, where one eye is enhanced for reading and the other for long distance.

I took the plunge and after hours of tests, the amazing London Vision Clinic confirmed that I would be a suitable patient. Three months ago the surgery took place and I have not worn specs since, a blessed freedom.

However, the process of healing and brain re-calibration can take up to a year, as the lasered eyes reach their targeted potential. After my three month check-up, earlier this week, it was confirmed that I am at the 90% level. However, although I can easily read a newspaper, some ghosting is present, making reading over a long period more tiring than in the past. In addition, some very small print and feint text on my smartphone are proving difficult. To help, the Clinic is providing me with some 1.0x readers to use when necessary and until the eyes reach 100% and I have 20/20 reading vision.

In the meantime, as I start to consider packing for my South American trip next week, the issue of reading small print and smartphone maps on the move has exercised my mind. The last thing I want to do on my travels is to have to keep the readers near me; they will only be sat on, stepped upon, or lost. Then my logical mind considered the solution, a 1.0x monocle for my single, reading eye.jd-monocle

At the Clinic I raised the issue and the optometrist tried to dissuade me on the grounds of cost, especially as the readers provided by the Clinic are gratis. I returned home, Googled “monocles”, and found the super efficient and inexpensive, Hull based, monocle supplier, Monocle Madness. My 1.0x monocle arrived the next day !

In the process of investigating monocles, I have read that they have become hip in Manhattan and Berlin (not something I can be accused of), that Japanese women find monocle wearing men attractive (interesting !) and that others find monocle wearers totally pretentious. But for me it is an ideal and common sense solution to my problem. I only have one reading eye, the monocle is attached to me so it cannot be lost, it is immediately accessible and can be taken off by the opening of an eye. Perfect.