Perito Moreno glacier

When I arrived at the car park I was alone! (when I left it was overflowing with buses and cars) My early morning plan has worked again.

image.jpegIt is over a kilometre of walkways to reach the first vantage point and I am not disappointed. A young German couple were already there and we couldn’t believe our luck as within ten minutes we had witnessed several “calvings” (the process of the edge of the glacier falling into the lake, a la Attenborough).

No images can do justice to the magnitude of this natural phenomenon. The biggest surprise is the noise. Continual creaking and crashing not just from the calving but beyond in the heart of the glacier.

The walkways continue with some of the routes taking over an hour to complete and the sheer size is demonstrated when the tour boats come into view looking miniscule compared to the icy overhang.

imageI continue further, reaching viewing points that are much closer than the boats can venture, why would you bother. They can’t approach too close because of the danger, not just from falling ice, but from the mini tsunamis that the calvings create.

The difficulty is capturing a calving on either a still or a video as little warning is given until a sudden creak and the explosive noise of the ice hitting the water.


As I start to walk back with the GoPro set to video the biggest calving occurs which I was able to capture. Turn the sound up and watch it HERE.

El Calafate to Perito Moreno glacier

I set off at 7.30 and by 8.30 I reached the entrance to the national park where I paid my fee and was given instructions.


Driving out of the El Calafate oasis I soon hit the barren wilderness again with hardly a soul to be seen. Then gradually the terrain changed. Shrubs appeared and then trees as I neared the mountain range. By the time I had reached the  national park I was in semi forest which survives because of the convectional rainfall from the mountains.

Another thirty minutes and I spot the glacier, miles away, but visible due to its sheer size. Monumental!! Compare the glacier in the distance to the boats in the foreground.


I am used to European glaciers that fade to nothing at their end point but this is totally  different …a great wall of blue tinged ice rising to over 70 metres.