A lazy day in BA

Last Sunday I was due to arrive in Buenos Aires at around 17.30, but a cancelled flight and a redirection to another airport meant that I didn’t hit the pillow until 02.30 on Monday.

Waking at 9.15 I found a message from Pamela (my 2014 guide and translator) who wanted to pick me up for breakfast at 9.30. A few WhatsApp messages later and we agreed on 10.00.

Pamela took me to Malvon, a cafe that would not look out of place in Melbourne. Home made bread and eclectic furniture in an old house. Great and very welcome breakfast and nice to reacquaint ourselves after two years. I was dropped back at my apartment room at 12.30 and Pamela left for work. I lay on the bed to rest my eyes and woke at 16.00!!

imageIt seemed like I had lost a day but I needed a break to recharge the batteries. Later I walked to an area in Palermo that I knew well from before and came across the previously mentioned Antares artesan beer bar. It was early so getting a seat at the bar was not a problem and I settled down with a pint of their IPA (pronounced eepah).

Another pint, some empanados and papas ftitas later and I was on my way and back for an early night.