Picasso in BA

On Tuesday I gathered together my laundry and headed off to Lavanderia Billinghurst as I had used them before and knew the form, before final an outside table at a local cafe for breakfast. Freshly squeezed orange juice, cheese and ham croissant and tea and i was set for the day.

imageThe Museum of Modern Art in BA is situated in a converted warehouse  in the San Telmo district and I was aware they were holding a retrospective of Picasso’s early work, mainly sketches and drawings. So I grabbed a taxi and headed downtown and as luck would have it Tuesday at the museum is free.

It was quite a small exhibition, on loan from Paris, but interesting sketches from 1878 to about 1930 in which you can see the ideas for his paintings, especially the blue period harlequin and his abstract facial paintings of his muse.

imageThe museum is only three blocks from where one of my John Campbells lived in the 1930’s. It is a lovely block of apartments and I had rememembered that at street level there was a restaurant, Club Social which had been opened almost since the building was buit so JC must have eaten there.I wanted to see for myself but alas it was closed.

Instead I walked back to Plaza Dorrego which Pamela had taken me in 2014 and found another artisan beer bar. This is becoming a habit. A beer and a tostado later and I was heading back to the apartment where to meet the landlord and to arrange to leave my suitcase until my return on 27 January.

Pamela then called and we met for a drink at 19.00 but not before I had returned to collect my laundry (four shirts and a selection of underwear for a fiver).  Pamela And I said our goodbyes once again as she will be on holiday when I return.

I wandered back expecting to find a place for supper and got a table at Lo de Jesusd which has fantastic steak. The trouble is that I had forgotten the sizes and once I saw the menu every steak was 700 gms. I made my apology and left. It’s the sort of portion  one needs to share.image

Instead I called in at Temple Bar which I guess is classed as an Irish bar because they sell Guinness and Jamesons but it is a favourite with the locals and last time I visited it was too busy to get in for a drink. Here I took an eepah and maybe it was the drink but I thought the sraircase reminded me of an Escher drawing.